True Blood Star Kristin Bauer van Straten Films NKLA PSA

Kristin Bauer van Straten, who portrays an immortal on the hit HBO series True Blood, reveals her undying love for our four-legged friends in a new PSA for NKLA. The star shares the screen with one of the leading men in her life– her dog, Asher. A former stray, five years ago the Rottweiler –who […]

NFL Star Braylon Edwards Promotes Pets for Life Program (video)

NFL star Braylon Edwards may play an offensive position on the football field, but when it comes to the well-being of man’s best friend the wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers takes a defensive stance. A proud pet parent to a Rottweiler named Louis, Braylon Edwards has teamed up with The Humane Society of […]

British Star David Easter Adopts Rescue Puppy

British actor David Easter, who starred in the long-running soap Family Affairs, has just adopted the newest member of his family at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. Little Princess–a 12-week-old German Shepherd/Rottweiler who started out life as one of an unwanted litter– now finds herself in the coveted role of a pampered pup thanks to […]

Jake: Rottweiler

My Dog: Jake Age: 1 year Breed: Rottweiler What I Love About Jake: He is just too sweet and funny for words. –contributed by mackieford in Texas

Celebrity Dog Photo of The Day: Jeffrey Dean Morgan with His Dog

He may have the chance to woo some of Tinseltown’s most alluring actresses on both the big and small screens, but when the director yells “That’s a wrap!” Jeffrey Dean Morgan happily heads home to his real life leading lady, a Rottweiler mix named Bisou. For sale along with her siblings on a Venice boardwalk,Dog […]

Balie: mixed Rottweiler/shepherd

My Dog: Balie Age: 14 months Breed: mixed Rottweiler/shepherd What I Love About Balie: When it is bed time, Balie has a blanket in my room that she creates a nest out of and each night she spends about 5 minutes growling and pulling the blanket until it is perfect. Then, she lays down and […]

Sabia & Grace: Rottweiler and Mixed Breed

My Dogs: Sabia & Grace Ages: 5 & 2ishBreeds: Rottie & A Heniz Variety Mutt! What I Love About Sabia and Grace: Sabia is just the gentlest sweetest and lovable animal I have ever shared my life with and Grace is just a joy of a creature that we found over Christmas time in 2007! […]

Moose: Rottweiler/German Shepherd Dog

Who: Moose Breed: Rottweiler/German ShepherdWhat My Dog Loves About Spring: Playing outside together. Contributed by TS

Rico: Rottweiler and Yellow lab

My dog’s name: Rico Breed: Rottweiler and Yellow lab What My Dog Loves About Spring: Hiking, Going for Runs, Chasing Butterflies Contributed by Adrienne Gaughan

Bruno: Rottweiler

My dog’s name: Bruno Age: 1 year Breed: Rottweiler What I Love About My Dog: Bruno is one of the best dogs I ever had: Obedient, amazing intellectual, funny and loving. Contributed by Viju, Nagpur, India