DOG TALKĀ® and Ruff Wear

Well, as our friends over on Facebook already know, this has been a crazy week around here because my computer has been in the shop for FIVE days. During that time, we missed our usual announcement of who would be coming up on this week’s DOG TALKĀ®, the weekly radio show by author and dog […]

Fido’s Faves: Ruff Wear Approach Pack

Product or Place I Am Reviewing: Ruff Wear Approach Pack My Dog’s Name: Uno What I Liked About This Product or Place: Comfortable, attractive, good quality What My Dog Liked About the Product or Place: So comfortable, doesen’t even notice that its on. -contributed by Victoria in Asheville, NC To contribute your own reader review […]

Breaking In Your Dog’s Boots

We all know that getting new hiking boots means allowing time to break in those new boots to avoid them literally rubbing you the wrong way. The same holds true of your dog’s boots. If you have some great spring hikes planned with your dog, be sure to allow a break-in time. Today we have […]