Ask Dr. Diane: My Husky/Malamute Won’t Sleep Indoors!

Dear Dr. Diane, We just rescued/adopted a 4-year-old Alaskan Husky/Malamute mix dog. He’s a very well behaved dog in most every way, but he seems to want to sleep outside every night- this due to the previous owners leaving him outside almost 24 hrs/day. We live in the northeast and it’s cold ( although Huskies […]

Lobo: Siberian Husky/Akita mix


My Dog’s Name: Lobo Age of My Dog: 5 years Breed: Siberian Husky/Akita mix What I Love About My Dog: Lobo is my best friend! He is also incredibly smart. He was able to learn a new trick everyday for a month straight before I ran out of trick ideas! Our favorite thing to do […]

Duchess: Siberian Husky

My Dog’s Name: Duchess Age of My Dog: 3 Breed: Siberian Husky What I Love About My Dog: I love her underbite, her big blue eyes, and the way she can catch an ice cube in her mouth!! –contributed by Jori in Salida, CA

Munch and Akira: GSD/Border Collie & GSD/Siberian Husky

My Dogs: Munch and Akira Age: 6 and 3 years Breeds: GSD/Border collie and GSD/Siberian Husky What I Love About Munch and Akira: They are both strong, intuitive, intelligent, and independent. – contributed by BSC in Edwards, CA

Man Attempts Dog Biscuit Eating World Record

Above: Mike Squier, wearing his SOS-SRF tee shirt and sharing an organic dog biscuit with Blizzard, will attempt to establish a new record for “Most Dog Biscuits Eaten by a Human in 5 Minutes.” Just how many dog biscuits could you eat in five minutes? At 3:30PM on Saturday, October 17, 2009, Mike Squier of […]

Logan: Siberian husky

My dog’s name: Logan Age: 9 years old Breed: Siberian husky What I Love About My Dog: Love the fact he is 9.5 years old and still bounces about like a puppy! When he is sleeping and having a dream and he makes funny noises and wiggles his feet x Contributed by Lynn (Eriansky), Scotland

Sapphire, Siberian Husky

Who: Sapphire Age: 9 Breed: Siberian Husky What I Love About Sapphire: Is that he is kind, gentle and has a wonderful personality. We adopted him 4 years ago and its amazing how love and lots of attention has helped him make a complete 360 in his behavior. I can’t imagine life without him!:) – […]

Zeus, Siberian Husky

Who: Zeus Age: 9 Breed: Siberian Husky What I Love About Zeus: We rescued Zeus from a battered home. He was abused so he was very shy and timid and every time you would reach your hand out to pet him; he would drop to the floor. We have worked with him and taken great […]

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