Thanks for a Great #SimpleSolution Twitter Party!

Wednesday afternoon we had so much fun with To Dog with Love and CatTipper as we co-hosted the Event Barkers #SimpleSolution Twitter party! For an hour, we talked about spring cleaning in pet households with great tips from Simple Solution! During the party, we shared a 40 percent off coupon code that’s valid only through […]

I Think We Have a Mountain Lion…

Well, I don’t know for certain but I think we might have a mountain lion hanging out in our valley. I’ve seen reports on Nextdoor that residents of the next valley over have been spotting a mountain lion but I hadn’t seen or heard anything out of the ordinary around our home. Well, late last […]

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The #SimpleSolution Twitter Party is sponsored by Simple Solution. As always, we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. Simple Solution is not responsible for the content of this article. Spring brings with it spring cleaning–and that presents special challenges in pet homes. We all want a simple solution to our cleaning […]

Win Simple Solution All Day Premium Dog Pads!

For pet parents who lead busy lives and need to leave their dog at home without feeling guilty or worrying if their dog pad will last all day, there’s Simple Solution’s All Day Premium Dog Pads. The most absorbent dog pad on the market, the pads feature: Simple Solution’s industry-leading InstaShield™ Technology, which converts liquid […]

Review: New Puppy Bundle from RPG Innovations

There’s no denying that the first few weeks with a new puppy–or any new dog in your home–are a time of great fun. As you and your new best friend get to know each other, it’s exciting to watch the relationship unfold as you introduce your new four-legged family member to his new home and […]

Simple Solution Puppy Housetraining Kit Review

Product: Puppy Housetraining Kit What It Is: single kit with puppy housetraining items Manufacturer: Simple Solution DogTipper Review: Just like potty training a human baby, housetraining a puppy is an important part of development. Housetraining is a job that takes some care as pet parents learn to anticipate their puppy’s needs and work them into […]

Win a Simple Solution Puppy Housetraining Kit!

***This giveaway is closed. Congratulations to Melanie H., commenter #12, this week’s winner!*** Whether the holidays brought a new puppy to your house or you’re brushing up on your dog’s housetraining (and cleaning up the occasional accident), here’s a really handy tool to have around the house: the Simple Solution Puppy Housetraining Kit! Simple Solution […]

Review: Simple Solution Stain & Odor Remover

Product: Simple Solution Stain & Odor Remover What It Is: enzyme cleanser for pet stains and odors Manufacturer: The Bramton Company (made in USA) DogTipper Review: With pets come pet stains, plain and simple. And, with six pets in our house, come, well, six sets of pet stains, from dirt and dog odor to cat […]