Skype Shares Valentine’s Video


Before Valentine’s, we put out a call to our community asking for Valentine’s pet photos for an Instagram video that Skype was preparing…and you answered that call with super cute photos! Enjoy the cute video below (and stay tuned for more Skype fun. Don’t forget to read our post on “10 Reasons You Should Introduce […]

Share Your Love of Dogs with Skype!


Skype has a fun Valentine’s Day initiative calling pet parents to celebrate their love by posting photos, videos, and/or stories about how Skype keeps you and your pets together! Post to the Skype story bank: . On Valentine’s Day, they’ll post a short video on Instagram featuring all the adorable pets!

Why You Should Introduce Your Dog to Skype


Would you like to keep an eye on your dog while you’re at work or away? Would you like your friends overseas to be able to “meet” your dog? Or would you like an easy way to communicate with your pet sitter while you’re traveling? We found many great reasons to make sure you’ve got […]

I’m the Skype Pet Ambassador!


Today I have an exciting announcement: I’m now the Skype Pet Ambassador! In the coming months, I’ll be writing about ways pet parents can use Skype to keep when you’re on the road without your dogs and much more. As you know, I use Skype every week for our DOG TRAVEL EXPERTS radio show, and […]

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