Winter Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy

As winter temperatures plunge to record levels in much of North America, we wanted to look at some of the most important winter topics to keep your dog safe, healthy, and happy during this cold spell: Help Arthritic Dogs with the Cold. Just like us, winter’s cold temperatures make joints ache more for arthritic dogs. […]

21*365: Taking Photos in the Snow

OK, I have to confess something: for today’s tip, I had to pull out some photos from last February. Snow is a rare, rare event here, and this week’s 80 degree temperatures aren’t boding well for any of the white stuff this winter. But winter photos of your dog are really magical so I wanted […]


I know that for many of you snow is measured in feet–not by the quarter of the inch–but today’s snowfall was big, big news here. I haven’t heard measurements (and it’s still coming down in tiny flakes) but, by central Texas standards, this was just about a blizzard. Back in December, snow was predicted–and, although […]

Our Dogs’ First Snow

OK, it wasn’t a blizzard by any standard…or even a real snowfall in many people’s book…but when you live in the southern half of Texas, you take what snow you can get! Our dogs (one’s 2 years old, the other 1-1/2 years) have never seen snow so today’s flakes were a BIG surprise. They were […]