Win a Canine Care Products Rhinestone Collar + Leash Set!

Could your dog use a little bling this spring? We’ve got a fun new giveaway from Canine Care Products for both a Rhinestone Collar and matching Rhinestone Leash! We know that you’re familiar with Canine Care Products for their great Snuggy Boots, the solution to keeping your dog’s paws safe from everything from winter ice […]

What’s New: Canine Care Products Flashing LED Harness

Summer travel season is just around the corner. While the summer months bring long days, they also bring about plenty of late night activity with our dogs, from camping to long, lazy meals at outdoor patio restaurants. We all know how easy it is to drop a leash — and then worry about finding our […]

Win Snuggy Boots to Protect Your Dog’s Paws!

We’re happy to say that spring is just around the corner…but this is a time when your dog’s paws are contending not only with the remnants of winter but with new spring hazards. Along with the ice and snow (and dangerous de-icing chemicals), your dog’s paws will soon be challenged by: spring allergies burrs stickers […]

Does Your Dog Wear Booties? The Results of Our Survey!

This post is brought to you by Snuggy Boots, an orthotic and footwear suspender system for protecting your dog’s paws. Use coupon code Winter15Promo to save 15 percent on the purchase of a suspender system and protect your dog’s paws this winter! This winter, we conducted an online survey on the topic of winter paw […]

What Chemicals Are in De-Icing Materials?

If you live in the Northeast, you’re all too well aware that a blizzard is coming. To keep cities moving as much as possible, cities put de-icing materials on streets and sidewalks. But just what is in those de-icing chemicals? Well, the answer varies. When we think of de-icing, we often picture this: THOSE de-icing […]

Win Snuggy Boots to Protect Your Dog’s Paws This Winter!

Brr…winter weather is in full force right now. That means it’s time for winter gear, from coats to gloves to hats for us. But what about our dogs? In a recent survey of DogTipper readers, we learned that more than eight out of ten dog lovers don’t use booties on their dog’s feet, even though […]

Infographic: Winter Dog Care

As I write this, we’re preparing for a winter storm here. Living in Texas, we don’t have a fraction of the winter problems that many areas face but we’ve got a real possibility of ice and sleet in the coming days. Shelters are making plans to move all their dogs indoors, and the newscasters are […]

10 Winter Dog Dangers

This post is sponsored by Snuggy Boots, an orthotic and footwear suspender system to protect your dog’s paws this winter. Let’s face it: winter weather is tough. Whether you’re simply facing colder temperatures, as we are here, or battling with snow and ice, winter is difficult on us all–and that includes our dogs. Here are […]

Holiday Gift Idea: Snuggy Boots

We’ve talked about this before but, during the winter months, this is ESPECIALLY important. You wouldn’t go outside barefoot in the snow and ice…so why should your dog? Snuggy Boots is a patented orthotic and footwear system to protect your dog’s paws during these winter months, keeping them safe from ice, snow, and dangerous de-icing […]

Save 15% on Snuggy Boots to Protect Your Dog’s Paws This Winter!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: would you barefoot in the snow and ice? Ah, no…but we all too often send our dogs out with unprotected paws in the ice and snow. Our dogs paws are at risk from dangerous de-icing chemicals in the winter as well as damage to their paw […]