Holiday Gift Idea: Snuggy Boots


We’ve talked about this before but, during the winter months, this is ESPECIALLY important. You wouldn’t go outside barefoot in the snow and ice…so why should your dog? Snuggy Boots is a patented orthotic and footwear system to protect your dog’s paws during these winter months, keeping them safe from ice, snow, and dangerous de-icing […]

Save 15% on Snuggy Boots to Protect Your Dog’s Paws This Winter!


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: would you barefoot in the snow and ice? Ah, no…but we all too often send our dogs out with unprotected paws in the ice and snow. Our dogs paws are at risk from dangerous de-icing chemicals in the winter as well as damage to their paw […]

Infographic: Autumn Dangers to Your Dog’s Paws


Fall is definitely in the air here now, and the cooler temperatures make us want to linger on our morning and evening walks. As Irie continues to progress after her ACL surgery, we’re now up to two 25-minute walks per day. She’s also able to walk on an incline so we’re able to hike uphill, […]

GIVEAWAY: Win Fall Booties from Snuggy Boots!


Don’t you love the crisp days of fall when you pull out those sweaters from the back of the closet, grab your long socks and your boots, and head out for a crisp morning hike? You know those boots will protect your feet from sharp rocks, broken glass, burrs, stickers, and anything else you may […]

10 Reasons Your Dog Should Wear Booties


Ouch! How many times have you walked outside barefoot and said, “Never again!” Today we’ve got 10 great reasons for your dog to wear booties in this easy-to-share infographic brought to you by Snuggy Paws, a great way to protect your dog’s paws year around! Share this Image On Your Site <p><a href=’’><img src=’’ alt=’10 […]

GIVEAWAY: Win Snuggy Boots Socks for Fall!


Autumn weather means evenings at home, snuggled into something soft and cozy–like soft slippers and socks. Your dog, especially senior dogs, arthritic dogs, or any dog with mobility issues on slippery floors, will also appreciate traction socks to help on tile, laminate, hardwood floors and even boat decks. We’ve got a new giveaway from Snuggy […]

Protecting Your Dog’s Paws on an Escalator


  Recently the San Francisco SPCA sent us a warning about a hazard that we know might surprise some pet parents: escalators. The warning noted that two SF SPCA hospitals, in the Mission and Pacific Heights, regularly receive emergency visits for escalator-related injuries. Dogs’ paws can get caught between the moving escalator steps, leading to […]

Protecting Paws from Stinging Insects!


This has been our week of wasps. First, I was stung on my instep while going outside barefoot to give Irie a bath. I’m allergic so my foot swelled up, the pain was horrible, and I spent days with a swollen foot. I vowed not to go back outside this summer without shoes. But then […]

Snuggy Boots Back to School GIVEAWAY!


Back to school time is just around the corner. It’s a time for new supplies, new school clothes, new school shoes. How about some new shoes for your dog? We’ve got a new giveaway from Canine Care Products, makers of Snuggy Boots orthotic and footwear system, a great way to protect your dog’s feet and […]

#SummerSafety Tips for Your Dog


Today we head out with Irie and Tiki on another of our staycation day trips this week. We’re headed to the lake with them, one of our favorite places during the hot summer months. It’s a chance for Irie and Tiki to cool off and swim with us and enjoy a summer getaway at very […]

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