Win a Case of Solid Gold Green Cow Green Beef Tripe!

Let’s talk about tripe. You might be familiar with tripe from your grocery meat market. The cow stomach lining (although tripe can also refer to sheep, pig, goat, and deer stomachs) is sold in commercial grocery stores—but it has been washed and bleached and isn’t nutritional. (You’ll see that the tripe in the grocery store […]

How to Transition Your Dog to a New Dog Food #FoodforFreeSpirits

When we wrap up our Solid Gold dog food giveaway in a few days, one lucky reader will win holistic dog food for free spirits from Solid Gold® Holistic Pet Nutrition. But what does that mean for the dog, if he or she has previously been eating a different brand of food? Or if you […]

Win Solid Gold Holistic Dog Food #FoodforFreeSpirits

Are you free spirit? We’ve been talking about food for free spirits from Solid Gold® Holistic Pet Nutrition and now we’d like to offer YOU the chance to try this holistic food for yourself! Using recipes more than 40 people years in the making, Solid Gold food is made with healthy ingredients–so your dog’s true […]

Solid Gold is #FoodForFreeSpirits

Are you a free spirit? I think being a free spirit is all in how you define the terms. For years, John and I traveled around the world writing guidebooks. We traveled so much that I knew which ticket agents to try to get at the airport in Montego Bay and the best place to […]

Solid Gold Announces Voluntary Recall

Solid Gold has announced a voluntary recall that includes one batch of WolfCub Large Breed Puppy Food and one batch of Solid Gold WolfKing Large Breed Adult Dog Food after being notified by Diamond Pet Foods regarding the presence of Salmonella in Diamond’s Gaston, South Carolina facility. The foods were distributed in the United States […]