#SubaruBP Commercials Recognize Dogs Are Family

The other day, John and I were talking about how many of our decisions are influenced (well, let’s just say “made”) by the dogs. From the furniture arrangement to the plants in our yard, from our travel schedule to the pattern of the comforter on our bed, we always think about how it will impact […]

Watch the #PuppyBowl with a Co-Viewing App! #SubaruBP

Yes, this weekend means the “big game.” The football frenzy started a week ago as the teams prepared, the parties were planned, and the schedule was cleared. It is once again time for…the Puppy Bowl. This year there’s an extra special addition to the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl: a special co-viewing app from Subaru of […]

Prettiest Pet in Pink Contest, Philadelphia, PA, April 10, 2011

Cat and dogs are invited to don their best pink costume and join the Sakura Sunday festivities during the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival of Greater Philadelphia. Owners will parade with their pets around the sundial at the Horticultural Center for a panel of judges. Leads are required at all times, but pets are welcome throughout […]

Subaru Game Day Dog Walk Event, Feb. 6, 2011

Instead of an all-day football marathon on “Super Sunday,” how about taking a healthy break for a dog walk? Subaru of America, Inc. is hosting the new Subaru Game Day Dog Walk Event on February 6. How to Join: You can pledge to walk you dog either on the Subaru website or their Facebook page; […]