10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool In the Summer Heat


It’s over 100 degrees every day here right now. It’s difficult not only to get Irie and Tiki out for their morning and evening dog walks but out of the house, period! This month’s heat wave got us thinking about our favorite ways to keep our dogs cool during these dog days of summer: We […]

Keeping Your Dog Safe During a Heat Wave


This weekend, it was 105 degrees here…in the shade. Irie and Tiki camped out on the air-conditioner vents and didn’t even look up when we opened the front door. They had no interest in going out in the heat. They know and important fact: extreme heat is dangerous for dogs as well as for people. […]

Summer Health Tips for Your Pooch: Keeping Fido Safe in the Sun


Today we have a guest post from Sara Stringer about an important topic as we all face the heat with our dogs! Staying cool and healthy during the summer is a challenge for all of us, human and canine alike. You already know how to keep yourself from succumbing to the heat. Do you know […]

Keeping Your Pets Cool When You’re Not Home


I just walked out on our front porch, and it’s already 105 degrees out there…so when these tips came in from TXU Energy and the SPCA of Texas, we knew we had to share them! TXU Energy shares things you can do to conserve that won’t stress your pets as well as do’s and don’ts, […]

Summer Travel with Your Dog


Whether you’re heading out for a day trip, a summer vacation, or a Fourth of July getaway with your dog, some pre-trip shopping can result in a happier–and safer–trip. We’ve got some tips on items you can purchase at your local Petco store, from a lunch pail just for your dog to a must-have seat […]

What’s New: FrostyBowlz


As our regular readers know, we had a HOT summer to end all hot summers here last year. With over 90 days topping 100 degrees, it was just about impossible to stay cool. Like many, when our dogs were outside, we added ice to their water. (They didn’t spend much time outside…Tiki prefers to lie […]

Review: Planet PETCO TempAlert Temperature Detecting Dog Harness


Product: Planet PETCO TempAlert Temperature Detecting Dog Harness What It Is: dog harness with temperature detecting indicator Manufacturer: LuvGear Inc. DogTipper Review: This summer has been synonymous with higher than usual temperatures just about everywhere so we were excited to receive this harness for review. This harness, sold at PETCO, uses TempAlert™ LuvGear™ Technology to […]

Keeping Your Dog Cool


Staying cool is a challenge during this summer’s heatwave…and just imagine how tough it would be to stay cool wearing a fur coat! We’ve been seeing 100+ degree temperatures since the beginning of May and we’re now hovering around 105 degrees so we wanted to share our tricks for keeping our dogs cool: Stay inside. […]

Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer


Yesterday it was over 100 degrees here and today will be just as warm. Our dogs are enjoying the air-conditioning today but whenever we’re outside, we have to take special precautions with them in these extreme temperatures. As summer unofficially kicks off this weekend, remember  to safeguard your dog’s health during summer heat: Make sure […]

Baby’s First Haircut


At two years old now, Tiki isn’t really a baby anymore but, nonetheless, this weekend marked her first haircut. Part Poodle, part Doberman (plus lesser amounts of Sheltie and Bulldog), Tiki has a single coat but she does have long, curly “feathers” on her back legs. We’ve been trying to keep the feathers combed out […]

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