#SuperDogSunday Announces Winning Team

With last night’s big game, another year of Super Dog Sunday™ drew to a close! Wrapping up this 4th year, we had a big lineup of entries…I’m so glad that I wasn’t a judge! Our judges had their work cut out for them this year with lots of super cute entries and innovative use of […]

Final Countdown to #SuperDogSunday Photo Contest!

The countdown’s on for the “big game” on Sunday…yes, we mean #SuperDogSunday!! You’ve got until kickoff on Sunday to submit your photo(s) for entry including photos of your dogs or cats AND/OR photos of Petfinder adoptable pets, all with football themes! Having trouble getting inspired for your football-themed photo? Have a look at all the […]

Why We Love Petfinder Foundation

As you know, along with AllThingsDogBlog.com, we’re co-hosting Super Dog Sunday™ photo contest which culminates this Sunday when the “big game” kicks off! We’re proud to say that this annual event, now in its fourth year, always benefits Petfinder Foundation thanks to the generosity of event sponsors. We’re especially happy to help Petfinder Foundation since, […]

Have You Entered Our Giveaways?

We’ve got some great giveaways underway right now so we wanted to take a moment to look at all the prizes in these giveaways (one of which is ending Tuesday!!) Super Dog Sunday™ The countdown is on to the “big game” on Sunday! You’ve got until kickoff to enter the Super Dog Sunday™ photo contest […]

Fido’s Freebie Friday Counts Down to #SuperDogSunday

I just returned from the grocery store and it’s VERY evident that the “Big Game” is approaching. Big displays of soft drinks, chips, nuts, and other “game” food. But there’s another sign that the “big game” is just around the corner: Super Dog Sunday™. As you know, this charitable event, sponsored this year by Nature’s […]

Win a Sherpa Cat or Small Dog Carrier #SuperDogSunday

Do you have a cat or a small dog under 12 pounds? If so, please be sure to enter to win a Sherpa Cat Carrier! This stylish carrier, seen above, has super strong mesh to withstand either your cat’s claws or your dog’s teeth. If you’ll be flying, the bag is covered by Sherpa’s Guaranteed […]

#SuperDogSunday Starting Lineup

Have you entered the Super Dog Sunday™ photo contest yet? We’re introducing the starting lineup today; here’s a look at the entries so far! Please keep emailing your entries to eventbarkers@gmail.com and we’ll add your entry to the linky below. The deadline for entries is game kickoff on Feb. 2! REMEMBER: All photo entries must […]

#SuperDogSunday Prizes!

On Saturday, we launch the linky with photo entries for the Super Dog Sunday™ photo contest…do we have yours yet? Remember that you can enter photos of your own pets and/or photos of adoptable pets from Petfinder! This event, sponsored by Event Barkers and Nature’s Logic, benefits Petfinder Foundation and helps draw attention to all […]

Fido’s Freebie Friday Counts Down to #SuperDogSunday Kickoff!

The countdown is on for the launch of the Super Dog Sunday™ blog hop! In just two days, we’ll be unveiling the photos entered in the Super Dog Sunday™ event. Have you taken and entered a photo yet? We’ve been busy taking photos of our pets as we prepare for the launch of the event: […]

Fido’s Freebie Friday Prepares for #SuperDogSunday

This week we’ve been busy with Super Dog Sunday™ kickoff, both for the photo contest and for the social media giveaways! This annual charitable event to benefit Petfinder Foundation is very dear to us since many members of our furry family came to us after Petfinder searches. You’ll find the Super Dog Sunday giveaways below, […]