Pet Parent Holiday Spending Survey

Thank you for helping us with our Pet Parent Holiday Spending Survey! We’d love to get your feedback in this anonymous survey!  

Please Take Our Survey!

We’re working on some new plans for DogTipper as we celebrate our 4th anniversary at the end of this month…but we’d like to get YOUR feedback as we make our plans! We’re really hoping to take DogTipper to the next level but, first, we’d like to get your input. We’ve got a short, anonymous survey […]

Survey Shows Pets Are Members of the Family

It’s not a surprise to us–or probably to anyone who reads DogTipper–but a recent survey by The Harris Poll showed that nine in 10 pet owners consider their pet to be a member of their family. The poll, which surveyed 2,184 Americans online in early May, showed that 62 percent of Americans have a pet […]

Survey Shows 8 in 10 Consider Dogs Equal Family Member

We always enjoy seeing the results of pet surveys and here’s a fun one that just came across our cyberdesks: a survey commissioned by Milo’s Kitchen™ shows that 81 percent of Americans consider their dogs to be equal members of the family, while 77 percent own up to talking about their pups as if they […]

What Would You Like to See on DogTipper in 2011?

We’re doing some planning this week for 2011 (how did it get to be mid-December already??!) If you have a few moments, please help us out with this nine-question, anonymous survey about what you’d like to see next year!! (Just use the slider bar on the right side of the survey to move the survey […]

Taking Your Dog Trick or Treating

Will your dog be taking part in Halloween festivities this year? According to a recent PetSmart® survey, one out of every seven pet parents dressed their pets in costumes for Halloween last year. Does this include you? If you’ll be taking your dog along with you for your Halloween fun, you’ll want to take some […]

Is the Economy Impacting Your Pet Care?

A new survey shows you might be pinching pennies during these tight economic times, but your pets might not be feeling the budget tightening quite so much. A survey by The Goodlife Recipe(R) brand of petfood found that two-thirds of cat and dog owners aren’t checking the price sticker first when selecting their pets’ food. […]