Questions About Natural Choice? Ask NUTRO!

As you know, we’re members of the Nutro Knowledge Network. Recently, The Nutro Company updated its NATURAL CHOICE® dog food in several ways: “Our team of pet food experts evaluated each and every ingredient in the new NUTRO® NATURAL CHOICE® dog food,” said Dr. Preston Buff, Chief Natural Nutrition Officer for The Nutro Company. “We […]

National Disaster Search Dog Foundation Launches Jack-O-Lantern Contest

Halloween is such a fun time, not only for the change in the seasons but for all the fun contests it seems to inspire! We’ve seen many creative photo contests but we just learned of one that we think will really catch the attention of dog lovers: The SDF Search Dog Jack-o-Lantern Contest. The Nutro […]


Are you a fan of GREENIES? (We’re hooked on the GREENIES Pill Pockets; with three pills a day to dispense to our cats, we always make sure we have a bag–and an extra bag–on hand!) If so, be sure to sign up for the GREENIES SMART TREATING Program. On signup, you’ll receive a coupon for […]

Feeding Your Adolescent Dog

Remember we recently told you about a webinar we attended as part of the Nutro Knowledge Network? We talked with Dr. Jeff Werber about The Nutro Company’s new NATURAL CHOICE® Young Adult formula, the first dog food specially formulated for the needs of dogs in that adolescent stage. Recently Dr. Werber was interviewed by numerous TV […]

Submit Your Dog’s Halloween Photo to Nutro!

Can you believe that Halloween is just over a month away? We’ll be doing lots of Halloween coverage in the coming weeks but, to kick things off, we wanted to pass along this opportunity for your dog (or cat) to grab some Halloween limelight! The Nutro Facebook Page is offering a chance to have your pet […]

Room to Run Announces First Winners

Recently we posted about the Room to Run program that will be awarding 30 dog parks $2,000 grants…and now the first eight recipients have been named! The first batch of winners includes: Hondo Dog Park in Hillsboro, OR RRUFF Dog Park Rocklin in Rocklin, CA Red Bud Isle Park in Austin, TX Paws N’ Play […]

Learning About Young Adult Dog Nutrition

This evening we took part in a fun online chat with celebrity vet Dr. Jeff Werber! As we told you about last week, LA vet Dr. Werber (who is often seen on TV) led tonight’s chat with our fellow Nutro Knowledge Network members to discuss a new food from The Nutro Company: NATURAL CHOICE® Young Adult […]

Do You Have a Young Adult Dog Nutrition Question?

Do you have “teenage” dog? This Thursday, we’ll be among a small group of bloggers in the interactive  NATURAL CHOICE® Young Adult Interactive Chat with celebrity vet, Dr. Jeff Werber! The chat will be dedicated to the subject of young adult dogs making the transition from puppy to adult. Most dog foods are formulated to […]

Nutro Offers the ULTRA Challenge

Wonder how your dog food stacks up against other brands? It’s never easy to compare labels, even when you know what you’re looking for, so it’s nice when online tools can help simplify the job. The Nutro Company has an online tool for comparing its ULTRA™ holistic food against other 16 brands, seeing how they […]

Back to School at Petco

Has school started in your home town? It just started today in this area so this week is a time of big change in many pet households. Does your dog notice the change in the back to school schedule? To help pet families make the transition to the back to school schedule, Petco offers a […]