365: Getting Ready for a New Week

The dust hasn’t even settled from our #SuperDogPics Twitter party this afternoon…but we’re already hard at work on some more big events this week! Here’s what we’ve got coming up: Monday: Monday night we’re co-hosting (with PrestonSpeaks.com) the second of five teleseminars featuring Alecia Evans of Walk in Sync. This week in the FREE five-part […]

The Week Ahead: #MeetNPPC, Agility, and More!

It’s hard to believe that Monday marks the beginning of October…September, where did you go? We’ve recently taken on more freelance work so we’ve been very busy; along with our weekly Pet360.com column on rescue and animal welfare and our new “Bowser on a Budget” column for FIDO Friendly magazine, we’re now updating a travel […]

The Week Ahead, Sept. 23

We hope your Autumn is off to a great start! It’s still feeling like summer here (and we squeezed in one more outdoor doggie bath today) but it’s still and quiet, sure signs of the changing season. Speaking of changes, this week we’re a proud sponsor of Train Humane Day on September 27, a movement […]

The Week Ahead: August 13, 2012

Wow, we unleashed a ton of tweets during #BarktoSchool last night…we even heard we were trending for a while! We had such great tips for Back to School pet families from @NaturesLogic, @WalkInSync, and @PeggyFrezon, all designed to help ease the transition from summer to school schedule. Now, with another great Event Barkers party with […]

The Week Ahead

Between BlogPaws, my trip to Alabama last week, and general summer activities, it has been SUCH a busy past few weeks…so we’re really hoping to play catch up this week! On Tuesday evening, I’m going to be hosting a teleconference by Walk In Sync’s Alecia Evans about a new course she’s launching to share with […]