Dealing with Firework Fear in Your Dog

The countdown is already on for the Fourth of July. While that can be a fun-filled event for many families, we know that many dog lovers, like us, dread the holiday every year due to their fearful dogs. Our dog Irie is afraid of fireworks (as well as thunder, gunshots, and other loud sounds). We […]

Mikkel Becker Discusses Use of Thundershirt

We’ve written many times about our use of Thundershirt on Irie to help with her fear of thunder and fireworks. At Global Pet Expo, we attended a press conference about the company’s new name — now Thunderworks — and the use of the Thundershirt on fearful and anxious pets. Professional dog trainer Mikkel Becker, daughter […]

BlogPaws #PawsGiftGuide 2012!

Recently we brought you some great holiday pet products selected by BlogPaws as some of their top holiday choices for 2012; today we bring you four more of their gift guide selections! These products are just a few of the BlogPaws Great Gifts for Pets Holiday Gift Guide. For even more suggestions, click the badge […]

2012 Gift Guide: Thundershirt

One of the most frequently-asked questions we receive here at DogTipper is regarding thunder phobia. Thunder–as well as fireworks, gunshots, and other loud sounds–frightens many, many dogs…including our Irie. Last January, we reviewed the Thundershirt, putting it to the test on New Year’s Eve with Irie. Since that time, we’ve pulled out the Thundershirt and […]

Calming Your Dog During Thunderstorms

As I’ve written about before, our dog Irie hats thunder. Really, really hates thunder. Of course, summer and thunder are a package deal…so discovering ways to lessen your dog’s anxiety is key. Thundershirt, a product that calms dogs and cats (we’re presently reviewing a cat Thundershirt) with gentle pressure, has prepared a list of ideas […]

Ask Alecia: My Dog Is Frightened at My Boyfriend’s House!

Hey Alecia, I have a 1 and a half year old mutt, Sadie, that I adopted over a year ago. Things have been going very well. She socializes beautifully with other dogs and people, and has a good time at other people’s houses. Lately, I have been bringing her on weekend trips to my boyfriend’s […]

Review: Thundershirt

Product: Thundershirt What It Is: wrap to reduce dog anxiety DogTipper Review: We’ve written about our Irie’s anxiety many times in the past. She is afraid–very afraid–of thunder, gunfire, and fireworks. So when New Year’s Eve rolled around, we were very eager to test out the Thundershirt on Irie. To be honest, we didn’t hold […]

Ask Alecia: My Dog Barks at My Boyfriend!

My dog Kodi has been my only companion until now. My new boyfriend and I hope to move in together soon. Kodi likes him a lot, separately. But she barks nonstop whenever he hugs me or gets close. How can I train her to accept him? Kodi also barks (out of her mind-unstoppable) at motorcycles, […]

Getting Ready for New Year’s Eve

The clock is ticking down to the end of 2011. It’s a time that we always look forward to with mixed feelings; it’s exciting that it’s the beginning of a completely new year…but here, as in many pet households, it’s also a time of dread because of the inevitable noise of fireworks. Our Irie hates […]

Ask Alecia: My Dog Is Terrified!

Dear Alecia, My dog is completely terrified of everything and everyone (even afraid of me at times) and rarely listens to me. I would like some help and advice please.–Amber Dear Amber, Poor pup! In a case like this I would recommend Bach Flower Essences as often times a terrified dog has experienced an emotional […]