#JustSayJoe Campaign Helps American Humane Association

For so many of us a steaming cup of java is synonymous with the start of a new day, and now doggedly devoted fans of both coffee and canines can combine their loves to help create the start of a new day for pets in need thanks to Brim’s Brew Buddies program. Through August 13th […]

“The Guncles” Talk Dogs & Daughters

We recently interviewed Bill Horn & Scout Masterson, best known as “The Guncles” on Oxygen TV’s Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood about their three rescue dogs and their daughter and all they bring to their lives: Can you tell us about your dogs and your life with your dogs before your daughter joined your […]

Celebrity Pug Sees Stars at Festival of Books

When canine correspondent Phoebe Rose’s Mom (Sheila Appleby Williams) suggested a visit to a book festival filled with famous faces, the roving Rover reporter thought that attending would be a novel idea. The Pug with a love of the printed page, who relays her literary adventure in the following report, writes about life in L.A. […]

Tori Spelling with Her Dog on Halloween: Flashback Photo

Halloween is close at hand, and in Hollywood it seems as though our barking buddies enjoy dressing up just as much as Tinseltown’s boo-tiful people. One canine who had a craving for costumes was Tori Spelling’s pride and joy for 11 years, the late Mimi La Rue. Lapping up the limelight, the precocious pug pranced […]