Dr. Marty Becker’s Advice on Preparing for a Natural Disaster

June 1 means the official start of hurricane season for the Atlantic Ocean (the Pacific Hurricane season is already underway.) Warmer weather also means an increased chance of tornadoes, floods, and wildfires. Are you — and your pets — ready in case of a natural disaster and emergency evacuation? Today we have a special video […]

Lost Tornado Pets Focus of New Facebook Pages

The past week’s terrible weather has carved a path of destruction across numerous states. Along with dozens of deaths and the loss of many homes, the storms also resulted in many lost pets. Several Facebook pages are working to reunite pets and their families, sharing word of both lost and found animals in Alabama, Tennessee, […]

Protecting Your Pets in a Natural Disaster

This spring has been such a scary time for natural disasters, from tornadoes, floods, and wildfires in North America to earthquakes and tsunamis overseas. Just last week, we attended a wildfire preparedness meeting in our area held by the Forest Service with information on ways to “harden” your home to make it more fire-resistant and […]

Facebook Pages Help Reunite Pets Lost in Tornadoes

The terrible tornadoes that have struck Midwest and South over the past several weeks have resulted in many, many lost dogs and cats (and other pets) as families are separated, injured, or killed. Several Facebook pages offer a virtual “lost and found” bulletin board highlighting pets that have been lost or found in these disasters. […]