Dogs of the Day: Scarlett and Ruby


My Dogs’ Names: Scarlett and Ruby Age of My Dogs: 6 years and 2 years Breed: Toy Poodle and Yorkiepoo What I Love About My Dogs: My dogs are my joy. I live with chronic illness and they are my companions and keep me in the “now”! -contributed by Rhonda W. G. in Owensound, Canada […]

Dog of the Day: Nelson, Toy Poodle


My Dog’s Name: Nelson Age of My Dog: 7 months Breed: Toy Poodle What I Love About My Dog: Nelson is the sweetest, cutest, smartest Toy Poodle in the world (at least I think so). He loves to snuggle and there’s never a shortage of kisses! -contributed by Elizabeth N. in Penfield, NY Want DogTipper […]

Madison: Toy Poodle


My Dog’s Name: Madison Age of My Dog: 4 years Breed: Toy Poodle What I Love About My Dog: Everything. She makes me laugh every day and is the perfect companion … but if she would learn how to drive, shop online, and figure out how to press the microwave button, she’d be even more […]

Tiffany: Toy Poodle


My Dog: Tiffany Age: 6 months Breed: toy poodle What I Love About Tiffany: Tiffany is training to be my seizure alert dog.  She is a very important part of my life.  But most of all, she is my best friend.  She goes everywhere with me.  As my husband says, “she is like a breath […]

Flashback Photos of Anna Nicole Smith and Sugar Pie

Even in death Anna Nicole Smith continues to make headlines. While the preliminary hearing regarding the former Playboy Playmate’s premature passing continues, Dogtipper would rather reminisce about the blonde bombshell’s love for her lap dogs– Marilyn, Puppy, Frankenstein and the cuddly canine who shared the spotlight during Smith’s rise to stardom, Sugar Pie. Although internet […]

Three Toy Poodles

My Girls Age: 5 Breed: Toy Poodles What I Love About My Girls: All of my girls are special adoptions. We attend local shelter events to help raise awareness and donations and we visit two of our local nursing homes. They teach me every day how to laugh & love. –contributed by VF in Tennessee

Gaby: Toy Poodle

My Dog: Gaby Griffith Age: 4 years Breed: toy poodle What I Love About Gaby: I love most about Gaby is her devotion, but also her incredible ‘look’ and humour! She is curious funny and my BEST pal! She got me thru breast AND skin cancer, without her, I would never have gotten out of […]

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