2012 Gift Guide: Larry the Lobster at DogTuff.com

Is your dog tough on toys? Then check out Larry the Lobster, available at DogTuff. Larry – is your dog’s Maine Man. Since he is a Lobster, he is ready to play all day in and out of the water. Larry can’t wait for the fun to begin! Great for interactive play with one or multiple […]

Avoiding Plastic Pellets

In the past, we’ve written several times about purchasing children’s toys at thrift stores and garage sales and turning them into dog toys. Remove the eyes (often they can be pulled out with pliers) and any other choking hazards (watch for hard plastic noses) and loose parts and you’ll have an inexpensive dog toy. But […]

Making Your Own Eco-Friendly Dog Toy

Does the weather have you–and a restless dog–stuck inside? Entertaining your dog doesn’t have to mean rushing out to buy a new dog toy; you can also come up with eco-friendly solutions. Green guru Kari Whitman, founder of Kari Whitman’s Greener Pup, a line of stylish, eco-friendly dog beds that use recycled plastic bottles as […]

Unstuffing Dog Toys

Just about every dog lover who has given their dog stuffed animals know just how much stuffing an animal holds…way more than you have the time or energy to pick up. Sure, not every dog will de-stuff their toys but the families of Destructo-Dogs out there know that the job of picking up stuffing is […]

Making a Dog Crinkle Toy from a Water Bottle, Golf Head Cover

Looking for a cheap dog toy using recycled materials? In just a few minutes, you can make your dog a crinkle chew toy from an empty water bottle and a golf club head cover. (No golf club covers in the house? We snagged some for $1 each at the local thrift store. Ours are made […]

Buying Organic Dog Toys

Does your dog go through toys within a matter of days? It seems like you just bought a new one last week, and already it’s torn to shreds or buried somewhere in the yard. And dog toys are not cheap, especially the kind made from natural or organic materials. So why bother to buy those […]

Choosing Tough Chew Toys

Dogs are tough on chew toys and some breeds, such as Labs, are notoriously rough on them. Rather than purchase inexpensive chew toys, it pays to invest in heavy duty chew toys that will last. We like Kong toys which come in different durability levels and can be stuffed with treats to create a challenge […]

Give Carrots as Chew Toys

So many chew toys involve rawhide or rubber. But how about one that’s nutritious and fun to chew? Carrots! Dogs enjoy carrots as chew toys, and a cold carrot on a hot day can be a refreshing treat as well. Carrots are nutritional for dogs and make those organic carrots and you’ll go even a […]

Check Thrift Stores for Stuffed Toys

Stuffed dog toys have a pretty short lifespan around our house. If you are keeping an eye on the budget (and who isn’t these days?!), check out your local thrift store for stuffed animals. You’ll find a huge assortment at most stores and prices that start as low as 25 cents. Another good source of […]

Ice Cube Toys

In today’s economic climate, we’re all looking for ways to save money so we loved today’s tip from Devin, a DogTipper reader: Get a giant ice cube and give it to your dog to play with. It’s like a hockey puck; it will go everywhere. They love it to play with. Do you have a […]