2012 Gift Guide: Gourmet Dog Treat Maker by Sunbeam

Looking for an easy way to whip up some fancy dog treats for the holidays? If so, you’ll appreciate the Sunbeam Gourmet Dog Treat Maker. This handy device is definitely a fun tool for the job of creating yummy treats for your own dogs or for baking gift treats for other dog households. The unit […]

What’s New: Happy Tails Organic Treats

Product: Happy Tails Organic Treats What it is: Baked, organic pet treats Manufacturer: Happy Tails Organic Treats, Atlanta, GA Happy Tails Organic Treats is a recently-launched company based in Atlanta dedicated to producing organic pet treats made from human-grade, natural ingredients. The company’s current offerings include: Carrot Patch dog treats. Ingredients: Organic rice flour, organic […]

Review: Instinct Raw Boost Bites by Nature’s Variety

Product: Instinct® Raw Boost Bites™ What it is: Freeze dried treats for dogs Manufacturer: Nature’s Variety®, Lincoln, NE (Made in USA) DogTipper Review: Instinct Raw Boost Bites are a new offering from Nature’s Variety, a natural pet food company in Nebraska. These are essentially a bite-sized version of Nature Variety’s Instinct Freeze Dried Raw dog […]

Review: Verebon’s All Natural Dog Treats

Product: Verebon’s All Natural Dog Treats What it is: natural, gluten-free canine biscuits Manufacturer: Verebon, LLC, Brooklyn, NY (Made in USA) DogTipper Review:  Verebon produces a line of dog food and treats from quality  natural ingredients. Their treats are slow baked to preserve flavors and nutritional values. Verebon products are made in the US and […]

Fido’s Faves: Fruitables

Product or Place I Am Reviewing: Fruitables® My Dog’s Name: Schooner and Skipper What I Liked About This Product or Place: Schooner is on a smart calories diet. Fruitables has 3-1/2 calorie Skinny Minis which are soft and chewy and the Crunchy Fruitable which is 9 calories. Minis have 3 different flavors and Crunchy Fruitables […]

Recipe: Chicken Liver Dog Treat Squares

I was going to call this recipe something cute like “Which Came First? The Chicken Liver or the Egg?” but decided that might be pushing the envelope…or the shell… This recipe is super easy to make and VERY popular with our pooches! With a simple list of ingredients–just chicken, chicken liver, and eggs–this recipe takes […]

Review: Pawmetto Freeze-Dried Pet Treats

Product: Pawmetto All-Natural Treats What It Is: all-natural, freeze-dried, raw treats made from a single ingredient Manufacturer: Pawmetto (made in USA) DogTipper Review: We go through a lot of treats in our house because we’re always training our dogs, even on our daily morning and evening walks. We’re always on the lookout for healthy treats […]

Review: A Barkers Dozen Dog Treats

Product: A Barkers Dozen What It Is: gourmet dog treats Manufacturer: A Barkers Dozen, Rochester, NY DogTipper Review: As our regular readers know, Paris likes to make dog treats. They’re healthy, they’re easy…but, generally, they look like dog treats. (The dogs don’t care…but they’re not anything we’d really want to show off.) If you’re looking […]

Bacon Drop Cookies

Bacon Drop Cookies 6 slices cooked bacon, crumbled 4 eggs, well beaten 1/8 cup bacon grease 1 cup water 1/2 cup powdered milk, non-fat 2 cup graham flour 2 cup wheat germ 1/2 cup cornmeal Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix ingredients with a strong spoon; drop heaping tablespoonfuls onto a greased baking sheet. Bake […]

Baby Food Dog Cookies

Baby Food Dog Cookies 3 jars baby food, meat, beef, strained (read ingredients to ensure there is NO onion in the baby food) 1/4 cup cream of wheat 1/4 cup dry milk Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine ingredients in bowl and mix well. Roll into small balls and place on well-greased cookie sheet. Flatten […]