Tips from the Pros: From Extraordinary Pets

Every dog pro has some tips to ensure a happy and healthy dog. Today we’ve got the top three tips from Doug Darroch of San Diego-based Extraordinary Pets, a pet sitting and dog walking business, for making your dog happy at home and on the walk: #1 An easy leader harness If you want to […]

Planning Your Dog’s Thanksgiving Feast

Are you making plans for Thanksgiving Dinner yet? As you start preparing for your own turkey, cranberry sauce, and all the fixings, don’t forget plans for your dog’s holiday meal! Loews Hotels, well-known for their pet-friendly policies, has come up with a special Houndly Holidays package that includes Thanksgiving treats especially created by Loews Hotels […]

Going Back to School: Preventing Boredom

As many households make their back to school preparations, many dogs will have to get accustomed to a new routine, too. This week we’ve got tips from Bark Busters, the world’s largest dog training company, about how to prepare your dog for the start of school. Yesterday we covered preventing separation anxiety in your dog; […]

Making Liver Dog Treats

We’re always on the lookout for dog treats that are both healthy and budget-friendly (all too often they’re either one or the other!) One of the easiest and most popular dog treats we’ve found is liver. Selling for about $1.86 per pound at our local grocery store for beef liver (add about another dollar per […]

Selecting Natural Dog Treats

If your dogs are like ours, they love…really, really love…treats. But how can you be sure your dog’s treats are healthy? Selecting healthy dog treats is much like shopping for healthy foods for your family. Read the label! You’ll want to avoid long chemical names so check that label, even on name brands you’ve purchased […]

Choosing a Training Treat

One of the best tools for training are tasty treats. A really good treat will make your dog sit up and take notice; your job will be that much easier and your dog will be more successful. Just what should you use as a training treat? Do like the pros: use a treat that’s solely […]

Making Your Own Dog Treats

Making your own dog treats can be a way to do something special for your four-legged friend, a means to save money, and a method to feed your dog a healthier diet. Here’s an easy recipe for making your own homemade dog treats. To make them extra fun, shape them with an inexpensive dog bone-shaped […]

Give Carrots as Chew Toys

So many chew toys involve rawhide or rubber. But how about one that’s nutritious and fun to chew? Carrots! Dogs enjoy carrots as chew toys, and a cold carrot on a hot day can be a refreshing treat as well. Carrots are nutritional for dogs and make those organic carrots and you’ll go even a […]