Keeping Your Dog Safe Near Water

As we continue this week’s staycation plans with Irie and Tiki, we wanted to share with you an important infographic from (We know you’ve heard us speak about Trupanion in the past; both Irie and Tiki are insured through this health insurance company.) Whether your next water adventure takes you and your dog to […]

Creating a Fire Evacuation Plan for Pet-Friendly Offices

This time of year, the danger of fire is always on our mind, thanks to our ongoing drought and high wildfire risk here in Texas. It’s a topic, though, that is important everywhere throughout the year since fires strike homes and businesses every single day. Many of those fires impact pets. The National Volunteer Fire […]

Update on Our First Pet Insurance Claim

A few weeks ago, you’ll remember that Tiki came down with a very high (104.8 degree) fever and spent two days on an IV. Her illness meant that we made our first pet insurance claim and we wanted to keep you posted on its progress through the system. The cause of Tiki’s fever was never […]

Trupanion Now Covers Hill’s Prescription Diet Foods

We’ve just learned that Trupanion™ Pet Insurance is now covering all the Hill’s® Prescription Diet® and Science Diet® Healthy Advantage™ pet foods as part of their insurance coverage! As we’ve written about before, our cat Felix is on Hill’s Prescription Diet food…and our dogs are covered by Trupanion (unfortunately Felix was already up in years […]