Considering Pet Insurance: Turning in Our First Claim

As our readers know, last week our Tiki was sick with a still-undiagnosed fever. She was at the vet’s office for three days, coming home at night with an IV catheter in her arm (and a cone to keep her from removing the catheter!) She had urine tests, X-rays, tick titers, and more. I’m really, […]

Trupanion Offers Tips for Air Travel with Pets

With holiday travel right around the corner, we wanted to pass along these tips from Trupanion for air travel with dogs and cats. (Along with these tips, we’d recommend booking a non-stop flight whenever possible to make the trip easier on both you and your dog and to minimize chances for your dog to get […]

Veterinary Spending Increases Nearly 10% Since Last Year

Here’s some interesting news we just ran across: Trupanion pet insurance has announced that veterinary spending has increased 9.78 percent since last year. The pet insurance company analyzed third-quarter data from 2009 and 2010 for all dog breeds. According to the American Pet Products Association, veterinary care is the second highest spending category behind food, […]

Trupanion Announces No Dollar Limit on Policies

Here’s some very interesting news we just ran across via a press release: Trupanion™ Pet Insurance has announced a “No Dollar Limit” provision for their policy. The release notes that all pet insurance companies, other than Trupanion™, offer policies with various limits on what will be paid in benefits per incident, year, or lifetime. According […]

Facebook Friday: Oct. 23, 2009

It’s time for Facebook Friday already! We’ve selected some of the newest favorites of DogTipper’s Facebook page–each a fan page specially selected to appeal to dog lovers! AndASmallDog Planning a trip with your dog? Don’t miss this fan page for and travel specialist Leila Coe (who has traveled with her dog everywhere!) Look for […]