Review: Eureka Ultimate Clean Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Welcoming in the New Year means it’s time to get our home organized after a busy holiday season. That starts with a thorough house cleaning. The seasonal cleanup is magnified for pet households since this is also a season when dogs continue to shed their warm weather coats to prepare for winter which, for us, […]

Review: Eureka AirSpeed EXACT Pet! #EurekaPower

OK, let’s be honest here: pets mean pet hair. During this time of year, our dogs are blowing their coats and there is pet hair EVERYWHERE. We brush and brush…but clouds of hair still find their way across the floors and on the upholstery. When Eureka asked if we’d like to review the new Eureka […]

How Much Time Do You Spend Vacuuming? #Neato

With two large dogs and four cats in our household, you can bet that we do a lot of vacuuming. But we still don’t do enough. The tumbleweeds of pet hair form on our wood floors and roll whenever a door is shut, sending a little burst of breeze through the house. On our rugs […]

Review: Panasonic JetForce Bagless Upright Vacuum

With two dogs and four cats in our house, we do a LOT of vacuuming, especially this time of year. Tiki, especially, is really shedding a lot in this hot summer weather. Along with vacuuming up the fur, we also do extra vacuuming to control fleas naturally in our home. So when we had the […]

Controlling Fleas by Vacuuming Upholstery

We’re always talking about natural ways to control fleas in pet households and one way is vacuuming…a lot. We vacuum the hard surfaces in our home as well as the upholstery. In this video, you can see what we use to vacuum the bed, one whose comforter is just too large to go in a […]

Dyson DC24 Animal Review

Product: Dyson DC24 Animal What It Is: lightweight vacuum designed for pet households Manufacturer: Dyson DogTipper Review: Several years ago, we bought a used Dyson at a thrift store, and it has been one of our best thrift store buys ever. Although it came to us very used, it hasn’t had a single glitch since […]

Wize Choice Awards Names Best & Worst Pet Products

With an eye on the budget (and a tight grip on the pocketbook), it’s more important than ever to identify pet products that really work. has just released its 2009 Wize Choice Awards for the Best Products for Pet Owners. Products are selected using the patent-pending Wize Product Research Engine, which analyzes millions of […]