Traveling with Vivamune Health Chews

As you know, we give Irie and Tiki a daily Vivamune Health Chew to help promote good skin and coat, joint, and digestive health. The USA-made chews are an easy way to help our dogs with everything from seasonal allergies to joint health, so important as Irie continues to recover from ACL surgery. While we […]

Did You Know Vivamune Makes Health Chews for Cats?

We’ve told you about Irie and Tiki’s success with once-daily Vivamune Health Chews and how it has helped their fall allergies…but did you know that Vivamune also makes chews for cats? From our most recent DogTipper survey, we know that over half of you share your homes and your hearts with cats as well as […]

REVIEW: Vivamune Health Chews

A while back we told you that we were giving Vivamune a try. Not only are Irie and Tiki taking it but our cats are testing out Vivamune as well. (Irie laid off the chews for a couple of weeks while on medication, just because we didn’t want to get confused, but has otherwise been […]

How to Try Vivamune for Free (You Pay S/H Only!)

You’ve heard us talking a lot about Vivamune this past month. We’re giving our dogs (and cats) Vivamune once-daily health chews, specially created for healthy skin and coat, joints, and digestion. (If you missed our earlier post, be sure to check out our piece on these healthy, USA-made chews. It answers many of the questions […]

For Joint, Skin, and Gut Health: Vivamune Health Chews

In one more week, our dogs and cats will have completed a month on Vivamune Health Chews and we’ll be bringing you a full review. Created to provide a one-daily chew to assist with joint, skin, and gut health, these chews are made to be tasty. Instead of wrestling your pet to administer a vitamin, […]

10 Tips to Safe Summer Pet Travel

Today we’re headed out on a getaway (and book signing!) with Irie and Tiki so we wanted to share a guest post from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway, long vacation or even a day trip, be sure to check out this list of important travel tips! Pet-friendly, USA. […]