Ask Alecia: My Dog is Selectively Aggressive!

Dear Alecia, How do I keep my dog from behaving aggressively towards other dogs while on walks? My dog is an 18-month-old golden retriever male, dominant, and not aggressive with people. He is not aggressive when playing with a dog in an enclosed yard but will become aggressive when other dogs go near food or […]

10 Great Reasons to Visit Us at #AmazingPetExpo This Weekend!

If you’re in the Dallas area on Saturday, we’d LOVE for you to come by our booth at the Dallas Pet Expo! The free show runs from 10 am to 6 pm at the Automotive Building in Fair Park and you’re welcome to bring your pets! Although John will be staying home with our dogs […]

Ask Alecia: My Pup Shows Signs of Separation Anxiety!

Dear Alecia, My husband and I adopted a 5-month-old mixed breed puppy from the pound last week. Two days after we adopted him I had him at the vet’s office for shots and upset tummy issues. He tested negative for Parvo so they gave him meds (but no shots) and sent him home. The next […]

Ask Alecia: My Dog Plays Too Rough!

Dear Alecia, My family played rough with my lab when he was a puppy. I said no more. Now my dog is two. He wants to play rough. He pushes is toys in your lap, and gets almost aggressive. He is a sweet boy most of the time. How do I get him to stop? […]

Ask Alecia: Teaching the Come Command

As you know, we’ve been co-hosting the weekly Hot Spot Tele-Training Series, talking with Alecia Evans of Walk In Sync . This holistic dog trainer has been providing weekly tips on one subject of interest to dog lovers. The first week we discussed holistic methods of housetraining, then loose leash walking. This week, we discussed […]

Ask Alecia: Tips for Loose Leash Walking

As you know, along with we’re co-hosting the Spot On Tele-Training Series. For five weeks, holistic dog trainer Alecia Evans, of the Ask Alecia column here on DogTipper, is talking about one aspect of dog training. Last week, we talked about potty training; this week, we discussed loose leash walking. If you missed Monday […]

#WalkInSync Hot Spot Teletraining Series, Week 2

Every Monday night, our fellow Amazing Pet Expo Ambassador,, and I are conducting the five-week Hot Spot Teletraining series with Walk in Sync’s holistic dog trainer, Alecia Evans. The first week, we talked about holistic potty training methods. If you missed the Week One call, you’ll find it recorded here. Each week’s call will […]

Ask Alecia: Our New Rescue Dog is Frightened of My Husband!

Dear Alecia, Please help. We have rescued our third abused dog. We have successfully rehabilitated our first two. They were both one when adopted, a year apart. Now, a year later, we decided that we should rescue another. We went to a second chance shelter, and adopted a border collie mix. He is 4 months […]

Teleseries Call 1: Housetraining

Do you have questions about housetraining your puppy or adult dog? Holistic dog trainer Alecia Evans will be answering questions on one specific topic every Monday for five weeks. If you have a question you’d like to ask Alecia about holistic methods of housetraining, please leave a comment on this post or call in on […]

Announcing the Hot Spot Tele-Training Series!

We’re excited to announce the free Hot Spot Tele-Training Series hosted by Alecia Evans, author of the “Ask Alecia” column here on DogTipper and the inventor of the Walk In Sync method. Along with Preston Speaks, we’ll be moderating the five-part telephone series (plus a bonus recording). Each week’s call will deal with a particular […]