Adoptable Dog of the Day: Buck in Florida


Buck is a senior male Weimaraner who is in foster care under the supervision of Big Dog Ranch Rescue in Sarasota, FL. Although he may be an older gentleman, Buck still enjoys playing ball with the other dogs. He gets along well with them and with cats. He also loves his downtime when he can […]

Adoptable Dog of the Day: Stormy in Kansas


This big handsome guy is Stormy, an adult Weimaraner currently in the care of the Heartland Veterinary Clinic in McPherson, KS. He came to the clinic after being abandoned by his previous owner and is now in the market for a new forever home. Stormy weighs about 75 pounds and is a very sweet dog. […]

Bingo: Weimaraner Mix

My Dog’s Name: Bingo Age of My Dog: about 4 or 5 years Breed: Cross Weimeraner What I Love About My Dog: Bingo was severely neglected, starved and tied to a tree for his whole life till we rescued him two years ago.  From wild and frantic he has become the sweet loving beauty he […]

Quincey: Weimaraner mix

My Dog: Quincey Age: 1 year 6 months Breed: Weim mix Which I Love About Quincey: Quincey is the one thing that had saved me from myself. He is very smart and loving. Nothing in this world can replace him. There is not ‘one thing’ that I love most about him…. I love EVERYTHING about […]

Heidi, Weimaraner/Springer Spaniel

Who: Heidi Age: 1 Breed: Weimaraner/Springer Spaniel What I Love About Heidi: She is so loving to everyone. She’s very cheerful and vibrant! – contributed by HL, El Paso, TX

Lucy, Weimaraner

Who: Lucy Age: 3 years Breed: WeimaranerWhat I Love About Lucy: I love everything about her…how she wags her tail at everything you say to her, how she tries to catch flies when they fly around her face, how she flaunts around the house when you give her a bone. The list is endless! –Contributed […]