Is Your Dog Safe From These Toxins?

I think it’s safe to say that everyone who reads DogTipper wants their dog to be safe in their home and on the road, whether it’s for a dog walk or a getaway. But our homes and the places we visit with our dogs can be filled with hazardous materials. Today Pet Poison Helpline released […]

5 Items You Might Have in Your Purse That Could Poison Your Pet

[iframe 588 429] You’ve probably dog-proofed your house…but have you thought about what’s in your purse? Today we received a very helpful press release from the Pet Poison Helpline about five common purse items that can be harmful and even deadly to dogs. I don’t have all these items in my purse but I […]

Keeping Your Dog Away from Xylitol

You know to keep your dog away from substances like chocolate, antifreeze, and even raisins. But did you know the Xylitol, the substance found in many sugarfree gums and some diet foods, is toxic to dogs? The number of xylitol poisonings in the country is on the rise as the number of sugar free products […]

Warning About Halloween Chewing Gums

Dog lovers know that chocolate is poisonous to dogs…but did you know that the same applies to xylitol, an artificial sweetener found in many chewing gums? The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is cautioning dog owners not only to keep a sharp out for their dogs around chocolate candy during the Halloween season but gum […]