Planning Your Spring Garden? Make Sure It’s Dog-Friendly #Infographic

It is definitely starting to feel like spring here with a few early wildflowers starting to pop up. Today John planted a cypress tree, and I’ve got plans for some plantings in the coming weeks. If you’ve got gardening plans for your yard, we’ve got an infographic to share with you from Compost Direct. Be […]

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Dog-Friendly Backyard

Even if your dog spends most of his time inside the house, your backyard belongs to him. It should be a pleasant place where he can eat, play with his favorite toys, sleep, bask in the sunshine and even frolic in the rain. It’s your job to make sure that he can do all this […]

Extending Your Fence

Getting a new dog? Depending on the height, breed and energy level of your dog, you might have to consider raising the height of your fence if you have a fenced yard. A single wire above your fence can extend the height of your fence another eight inches which just might be all you need. […]