YouTube Tuesday: Dogs 101

Every Tuesday, we feature a different YouTube channel of interest to dog lovers. This week, we look at Dogs 101, part of the Animal Planet channel, both on television and on YouTube. Although Dogs 101 doesn’t have it’s own channel on YouTube, you will find a special page just for the show; this Dogs 101 […]

YouTube Tuesday: Talking Animals, klaatu42

The “Ultimate Dog Tease” video (which was our Sunday Funnies video this week) has fetched over 34 million views so far but it’s not the only video by Talking Animals. You’ll find an entire channel of Talking Animals videos at with conversing dogs and cats. These popular videos are the work of Andrew Grantham. […]

YouTube Tuesday: Dog Training with Zak George, zakgeorge

Every Tuesday, we take a look at a YouTube channel of special interest to dog lovers. (We’re always looking for channels to subscribe to…we’re DogTippercom over on YouTube ourselves.) Today we’re featuring zakgeorge21, official YouTube channel of Zak George. You probably recognize Zak George as the host and producer of the CBBC’s “Who Let the […]

YouTube Tuesday: kikopup

Yes, this column is called “YouTube Tuesday“…and today is Wednesday….but yesterday was just one of those days. Two thunderstorms (but, alas, no much-needed rain) interfered with yesterday’s online plans but we’re back in business now, at least until this afternoon’s predicted storms. As we explained last week, every week we’ll be showcasing one of our […]

YouTube Tuesday: Dexter’s Ruff Life

We’re launching a new weekly feature here on DogTipper: YouTube Tuesday. Every week, we’re going to spotlight one YouTube channel of special interest to dog lovers. From training videos to grooming videos, we’ll be passing along great channels for you to subscribe to on YouTube or just to check out for some free tips. This […]