#FueltheHolidays Winners Fetch USA-Made Zuke’s Prizes!


We had so much fun yesterday co-hosting another Event Barkers Twitter party with To Dog with Love! For 90 minutes, we all took a break from our holiday activities to enjoy sharing the joy our dogs bring us, discussing keeping our dogs healthy and happy over the hectic holidays. Our party sponsor was Zuke’s, sharing […]

Countdown for #FueltheHolidays Twitter Party on FRIDAY!


We all know what the day after Thanksgiving brings: a chance to enjoy great leftovers, to shop for bargains–and to enjoy a great Event Barkers Twitter party! Don’t forget to mark your calendar for this week’s Zuke’s #FueltheHolidays Twitter Party! The countdown is on to the party on Friday afternoon from noon-1:30pm ET when Zuke’s […]

How to #FueltheHolidays with Zuke’s Mini Naturals


Let’s talk about Thanksgiving. The holiday–and the holiday preparations–are just around the corner. For your dog, it’s a time of high excitement as your home is filled with the scent of lovingly-prepared foods and the joy of guests celebrating the day with you. On this day of indulgence (and, for us, over-indulgence), it’s great to […]

RSVP for Zuke’s #FueltheHolidays Twitter Party!


We’ve got another great Event Barkers Twitter party to announce! As the season gets into full swing, we’re celebrating with Zuke’s #FueltheHolidays Twitter party on November 28. Held on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, the party will be a great chance to take a little break from your holiday shopping (or holiday company) and […]

What a Fun #WorkLikeaDog Party!


Last night, we enjoyed another great Event Barkers Twitter party! Co-hosted with To Dog with Love and All Things Dog Blog, this party celebrated Zuke’s treats and the annual search with The Bark magazine  to find the country’s most dog-friendly workplaces. Is your workplace dog-friendly? You can still nominate your company or organization! The party […]

Countdown to the #WorkLikeaDog Twitter Party!


 It’s almost time to punch the time clock–or at least login to Twitter–for Zuke’s #WorkLikeaDog Twitter Party! The countdown is on to the party on Sunday night from 8-9pm ET when Zuke’s will be giving out over $750 in prizes, all to celebrate the annual Bark magazine’s Best Places to Work contest, presented by Zuke’s. […]

Review: Zuke’s Genuine Jerky #WorkLikeaDog


One of our earliest–and most successful–books was a combination guidebook and cookbook titled Texas Barbecue. To write it, we traveled around the state, tasting (…and tasting…) barbecue of every imaginable variety. Once the book was published, our publisher went all out with a big publicity push so we were cooking barbecue on TV, hosting special […]

Zuke’s Treats: A Look at the #WorkLikeaDog Prizes!


The countdown is on to the Zuke’s #WorkLikeaDog Twitter party on Sunday, Sept. 14 from 8-9pm ET! We hope by now you’ve RSVP’d for Sunday night’s party–but, if not, it’s not too late to RSVP and to enter our pre-party giveaways. Even if you’re not on Twitter or not able to attend the party Sunday […]

Is Your Workplace Dog Friendly? #WorkLikeaDog

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We are so fortunate that we can take our dogs to work every day. Working at home, our dogs have their own “desks” (OK, dog beds) in each of our offices. When we’re traveling, they happily help us research dog-friendly destinations or, if we’re out promoting books, they assist us, as at this recent book […]

GIVEAWAY: Enter the #WorkLikeaDog Pre-Party Giveaways!


It’s time for a new Event Barkers Twitter party sponsored by one of our long-time favorites: mark your calendar for the Zuke’s #WorkLikeaDog Twitter Party! On September 14 from 8-9pm ET, we’ll be partying on Twitter and giving away prize packs of Zuke’s treats. It’s all part of a two-month search The Bark magazine is […]

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