Halloween Tips from Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray is a well-known dog lover, often seen with her dog, Isaboo. Ray is also the creator of Rachael’s Rescue, an organization that donates the profits of Rachael Ray’s Nutrish pet food and treats to organizations that help animals in need.

So it’s no surprise that the tv host and cookbook author has come out with a list of some helpful tips to keep your dog safe during the upcoming Halloween festivities. Here’s Rachael Ray’s five tips for keeping your pup safe at Halloween:

  1. Know Pet Snack No-No’s. As most pet owners know, chocolate is a no-no; theobromine, a molecule found in chocolate, is poisonous for dogs. Keep candy out of reach, too; the wrappers can get stuck in dogs’ throats.
  2. Don’t Be Scared to Give Your Dog a Nutritious Treat. While everyone is enjoying in the night’s revelry, you may want to share some treats with your pet. Give them a nutritious and delicious snack like the new Isaboo Booscotti treats made with peanut butter or bacon. Or if your dog is more of a chewy burger-lover, try the beefy Isaboo Grill Bites.
  3. Keep Precious Paws Inside. Strangers (especially those in crazy costumes) and loud doorbells can be scary and stressful for pets! So keep your pet inside and when opening the door, watch your dog closely so he doesn’t pull a fast one on you and escape.
  4. Dress Up Your Pup Safely. Some comic canines may love their bumble-bee costumes, but be sure the costume doesn’t constrict the dog’s movement, breathing ability, hearing or even vision! The key is to have fun, but always put your dog’s safety first.
  5. Watch Out for Jack-O-Lanterns. Wagging tails and lit candles are a recipe for disaster. In order to avoid a dog’s tail catching on fire, keep carved pumpkins and candles outside to reduce the risk of your pet getting into a dangerous situation.

Photo courtesy Rachael Ray Nutrish

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