Buying Organic Dog Toys

Does your dog go through toys within a matter of days? It seems like you just bought a new one last week, and already it’s torn to shreds or buried somewhere in the yard. And dog toys are not cheap, especially the kind made from natural or organic materials. So why bother to buy those healthy, but expensive, dog toys when they’re likely to only last a week or two?

The answer lies in just how your dog plays with that toy: with his mouth. Like a perpetual toddler, all of his toys go into his mouth at some point.

If he’s a retriever type of dog, he’ll carry the toy around for weeks or months, drooling all the way. If he’s a terrier type of dog, you know he will chew on it and shake it around until it’s ripped to shreds. And of course, part of it gets eaten along the way.

It’s just that slobbering and chewing that makes the organic toy worth its price tag. After all, would you let your toddler chew on toxic toys? Of course not. Then it’s time to look for dog toys made of safe materials as well.

For a retriever, organic cotton Frisbees or soft toys will be safe for him to carry around in his mouth for months.

For a chewer, buy organic cotton or hemp knotted rope toys. He’ll play with it as long as it lasts and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that the toy in his mouth isn’t made from toxic materials.

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