Helping Soldiers Bring Home Dogs from Afghanistan, Iraq

2010 Update: We understand that this program is now exclusively for dogs in Iraq. It remains possible to get dogs out of Afghanistan but we understand that this particular program is not presently working through Afghanistan. Please see comments at the end of this page and, if you know of additional resources we can pass along to readers, please post a comment!

Recently received an email from a US soldier named Cody stationed in Afghanistan who was working to find a way to bring home his adopted dog, Jack. He’d read some news on about’s program to bring home dogs from war zones and asked for information on bringing home a dog.

We’ve been doing some research on programs to help soldiers bring home dogs from war zones. An excellent program by the SPCA called Operation Baghdad Pups works to bring home dogs for soldiers stationed in both Iraq and in Afghanistan.

Help for Soldiers

If you’re a soldier looking for information on the program, visit the Operation Baghdad Pups page; near the bottom of that page, you’ll find a link titled ‘Operation Baghdad Pup Criteria.’ Click on it and there’s a downloadable PDF about the program and the criteria for dogs.

There’s also a contact link at to get in touch with the program about your story.

How to Help

If you’d like to help the program either through donations or by helping to sponsor a dog rescue, you’ll find links on Operation Baghdad Pups as well. There’s even a Wish List of items the program is in search of…everything from dog collars to heartworm preventative to frequent flier miles.

Other Ideas?

Do you know of additional programs we could pass along to Cody to help bring home Jack from Afghanistan? Please leave your ideas in the comments section or email them to and we’ll forward them to Cody in Afghanistan. Let’s help a soldier bring home his faithful four-legged friend!

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  • Suzanne from Texas

    I love that we are saving animals out of Afghanistan but I think this article portrays SPCA and Operation Baghdad Pups as people who are actively helping get animals out of Afghanistan. I contacted them several times, with no response, to get my dog home from Afghanistan. After almost 3 months they responded and said they couldn’t help me but could help in Iraq. I think that is a poor way to handle things and is costing the lives of our pets!! As for Operation Baghdad Pups, they are doing a great job, but still their communications are lacking big time.

    • Suzanne, Thanks so much for your note and the reminder that we need to update this article. When it was posted about a year ago, we understand that they were helping to get dogs out of Afghanistan but apparently not at this time. We have heard from some families who have been able to get their soldiers’ dogs back home but that it does take quite a bit of time working through various channels. We’ve contacted Christine Sullivan, who wrote a book called Saving Cinnamon ( about getting her brother’s dog out of Afghanistan; she has started New Hope for Animals to help raise funds for animals. The San Diego Animal Support Foundation ( has the Operation Enduring Dog program to help bring soldiers’ dogs back from Afghanistan.

      EVERYONE: If anyone knows of other resources to help bring home soldiers’ dogs from Afghanistan, we’d love to get some information to pass along to readers!

      • Jill

        A great resource is Pen Farthing who has set up the charity Nowzad who help with bringing dogs out of Afghanistan

        • Cessie Chiasson

          See Puppy Rescue Mission on FB
          who fundraises for soldiers dog rescues!