Pool Safety for Dogs: Pool Steps

With summer in full swing, it’s natural for dog lovers and their dogs to take to the water–including swimming pools. According to Stephanie M. Colman of Caninestein Dog Training, “A dip in the pool can be a great way for our four-legged friends to beat the heat this summer! Since we can’t outfit them with water wings, it’s important to teach dogs safe pool manners in order to keep everyone happy and healthy all summer long.”

To celebrate summer safely, we’ve got a full week of tips from Stephanie about swimming pool safety with your dog. Today:

Step Right Up!

Teach your dog only to enter and exit the pool via the steps. This helps prevent human pool guests from unexpectedly becoming victims of a canine cannonball as the dog launches himself in from the side of the pool.

More importantly, it cements the idea of the steps in the dog’s head, which helps navigate him back there in order to safely exit the pool.

Sadly, many dogs, even accomplished swimmers, have drowned while trying unsuccessfully to claw their way out from the edge of the pool.

Tomorrow: Swimming Lessons for Dogs!

Stephanie Colman shares her life with Zoie, a Whippet and Quiz, a Golden Retriever and can be reached at StephanieColman@sbcglobal.net.

Photo courtesy Stephanie Colman and Caninestein Dog Training

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