How to Prepare for Take Your Dog to Work Day

Are you considering taking your four-legged friend to Take Your Dog to Work Day this year? It’s right around the corner: Friday, June 26. Are you ready?

Taking your dog to your office means some pre-planning on your part. After you check with your employer and get the OK, what can you do to make the day enjoyable for you and your dog?

Bark Busters, the world’s largest dog training company, has just released some handy tips for making the most of this important day:

  • Recognize that this can be a stressful experience for your dog. It is a new environment, which in itself can cause apprehension. Bring along his dog pillow or blanket so he has something familiar to comfort him.
  • Bring a leash to walk your dog from the car to the office. The leash will also help you control him in the office.
  • Bring food or treats and a water bowl so your canine friend can stay well hydrated.
  • Help your dog pass the time by bringing along dog toys, such as the Buster CubeĀ® or KONGĀ®
  • Don’t leave your dog alone with other dogs. If you must leave for a meeting, isolate your dog in a closed office or have a dog-familiar friend sit in until you return.
  • Other dogs might not be as well behaved as your dog. Watch for any signs of dog aggressiveness, such as growling, staring, raised hackles, and stiff body posture. Diffuse potential conflict by removing your dog from the area.
  • Don’t try to force unfamiliar dogs to “become friends.”
  • Check with your supervisor to get an okay to leave work early if your dog can’t handle the new environment. If he becomes too stressed, overexcited or inhibited, it’s best to just take him home. Do not opt to leave him in your vehicle while you continue to work.
  • If a dog scuffle occurs, don’t lunge in and try to break it up by hand (you could get bitten accidentally). Use your dog’s blanket to throw over the heads of the fighting dogs. This will confuse the combatants long enough for you to defuse the situation.

Take Your Dog to Work Day, now in its 10th year, can be a special day for you and your dog. Like so many aspects of life with your dog, it just requires a little preparation.

Do you have any tips on making the most of Take Your Dog to Work Day? What has worked for you–and what hasn’t?

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