Pool Safety: Pool Covers: Tragedy in the Making

Many pool owners keep their pool covered to keep leaves and debris out of the water…or they use a solar cover to heat the water on days that aren’t quite as warm. These covers, for all the good they can do, though, can mean big trouble for dogs:

Pool Covers: Tragedy in the Making
by Stephanie M. Colman of Caninestein Dog Training.

Unless your pool cover is solid and strong enough to support your weight, do not leave it on when your dog is unattended near the pool. Countess dogs, even accomplished swimmers, have lost their lives following an unexpected tumble into a covered pool. Once they’re in, the cover is disorienting, the dog gets stuck under it, and it’s almost always impossible for a dog to find his way out.

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Stephanie Colman shares her life with Zoie, a Whippet and Quiz, a Golden Retriever and can be reached at StephanieColman@sbcglobal.net.

Photo courtesy Stephanie Colman and Caninestein Dog Training

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  • flexiblesolutions

    That's such a frightening thought, though it is a story I have heard before. It would be completely devestating to lose your pet in such a way, or to find other wild animals like squirells, frogs, racoons, etc. have a similar experience.
    Thank you for bringing attention to this matter!
    However, I know that there are pool owners out there who have no choice, for whatever reason, but to use a pool cover. There is a solution in liquid solar pool covers. All the benefits of a plastic blanket, none of the risks! If you would like to read more about it, please visit my blog dedicated to the topic: http://www.budurl.com/tp5p

  • Judy

    Regarding the tragedy on pool covers and dogs (this was just brought to my attention) due to the fact we just bought a puppy.

    Why wouldn’t pool owners buy a Loop-Loc safety swimming pool cover if you have a dog that may use this area in the fall and winter time. My husband
    and I have both been top of the pool cover so we know it can hold our weight.