Dealing with Your Dog Barking While You’re Away

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Do you have a problem with your dog barking when you’re away? If so, you’re not alone. According to Cesar Millan’s new Common Canine Misbehaviors DVD, barking while the owner is away is the #3 most common dog misbehavior problem. (The #5 most common problem is aggression with other dogs, followed by #4: overexcited or hyperactive dogs.)

According to Cesar Millan, barking while the owner is away:

… is most often a symptom of separation anxiety. You can help your dog to relax by communicating that being apart is no big deal. Instead of showering your dog with affection, practice no touch, no talk, and no eye contact for at least five minutes when entering or leaving your home.

Photo courtesy Michael Rueter


Paris Permenter is an award-winning author of over 30 pet and travel books. Along with her husband, John Bigley, Paris is the founder and publisher of CatTipper and DogTipper.

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