Including Your Dog in Your New Year’s Resolutions

The presents are opened, the dinner is eaten–and now it’s time to start thinking about those New Year’s resolutions.

Recently DogTipper had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of “The Dr. Oz Show” (we found out he’s a big pet lover), and we asked him about making your dog part of your New Year’s resolutions. According to Dr. Oz:

Pets are one of the best excuses to get the physical activity that so many Americans fall down on the job on, and we’ve done a bunch of great shows with Marty Becker who I’m sure you know, who has been a real force for change in how we think about programming for health in America, because he can make almost anything come back to pets, and he’s on target with so many of his commentaries…whether it’s understanding the health of your pet so you can understand your own health, whether you want to put your pet on a diet – because you know people who are heavy often have heavy pets – and the same criteria that you use to get the pet to lose a little bit of that extra fat around the bones of their rib cage are the things that you need to do to lose that fat around your waist size.

And most importantly, besides focusing on what the pet’s eating, as you focus on what you’re eating, being able to get the pet outside to do the physical activity, whether it’s just simple walking or something more stressful than that, depending on what the pet wants and what you can tolerate.

It becomes a wonderful New Year’s resolution, that you’re going to do yourself. You’re personally going to walk them outside, get them outside early in the morning when the sun is so important in setting our circadian rhythms.

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Photo courtesy The Dr. Oz Show

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