Getting Your House Ready for Your Puppy

Bringing home a new puppy? You’ll need to puppy proof your home BEFORE the new member of your family arrives.

Don’t leave any items around the house that you might not want to lose…puppies can and will eat everything! This goes for everything from your new iPod to a favorite pair of sneakers. Keep things out of reach of your new puppy.

tip Watch out for potential poisons that your puppy might get into, everything from household cleaners to a pack of cigarettes.

tip Decide before your puppy’s arrival where your puppy will stay. It’s best to designate one room as home base; gradually you’ll introduce your puppy to more rooms throughout the house.

tip Decide on any new house rules before the puppy arrives. Will you keep the toilet lid closed? The bathroom door closed? The basement door closed? Make those decisions now.

tip Don’t leave exposed electrical wires where your new puppy can find them. Just as if you were baby proofing your house, you’ll need to look for cords that are tempting targets for those new little teeth. Sadly, too many puppies have died from electrocution when chewing into electrical cords.

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