Using a Child’s Sand Box for Dogs


Those of you who read regularly know how much we enjoy shopping thrift stores and finding–and repurposing–items for our dogs.

Our latest find: a child’s sand box. Made of heavy-duty plastic, the sand box has two great uses for dogs:

  • a swimming pool. This shallow pool is a great splash and play pool (and won’t try to bend in half when you tip it over to dump out the water like thinner children’s wading pools.)
  • a dog’s sand box. Do you have a dog that loves to dig? Redirect him! Fill the sandbox with sand, dirt or a mixture and bury some bones, biscuits, or treats inside…then turn your dog loose and let him fulfill his natural instincts to dig. These sand boxes come with a turtle shell cover so you can cover the box at night (and prevent your sand box from becoming a litter box for neighborhood cats).

Check your local thrift stores and garage sales for sand boxes. For about the cost of a squeaky toy, we’ve found a great outdoor toy our dogs will enjoy for years.

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