Helping Shelters with Coupons

clipping couponsLike so many others these days, we’re really trying to save at the grocery store so we’re clipping coupons. We use a lot of coupons for dog and cat products–but we’re always running into coupons for brands of food or treats we don’t use, types of litter we don’t use, and more.

What can you do with these unused cat/dog food and treat coupons? Take a couple to the store with you each trip and make a purchase for your local shelter. Keep a box in your pantry, add your purchase to the box, and when the box gets full, drop it by your local shelter. Your donation will make a dog or cat very happy and ease the strains on a shelter budget in these tough times.

You can make that coupon go even further by shopping on double coupon day (if your store offers one) or by combining the manufacturer’s coupon with a store coupon (called “stacking” by couponers and allowed by most stores).

For printable coupons, check out our new Saving $ section. With many of these printable coupons, you can print multiple copies of the coupon so you can purchase in multiples for the shelter.

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