Removing Pet Hair

gloveToday’s tip is one of our favorites…and one of the simplest, cheapest tips for pet families. This time of year, our pets, both the dogs and the cats, are shedding like crazy and even daily brushing can’t stop the accumulation of hair that takes place on all our upholstered furniture.

The solution? We use old dishwashing gloves to wipe down our furniture. (Wonder what to do when you tear a hole in a glove? Here’s the answer!)

Put on the glove, wet it and shake it a little, and you’re ready to go. Brush off the furniture with your gloved hand and watch the hair roll up. The gloves can be used over and over again. The process just takes minutes and the hair is ready to pick up and throw away. (We like to toss it outside; the birds and squirrels like to use it when they build their nests!)

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