Packing for Vacationing with Your Dog

35318147.thbWith the start of summer, many dog lovers will be thinking about vacationing with their dogs. Today we received a checklist of pet travel gear from Dr. Donna Spector with VCA Animal Hospitals. Here are 10 must-haves for your vacation:

  1. Food and water bowls
  2. Portable (collapsible) bowls for day excursions
  3. Food in airtight containers—it is important to keep your pet’s diet the same while on vacation to prevent stomach upset
  4. Poop scooper and bags—to properly clean up after your dog
  5. Extra collar and leash—in case the original gets wet, torn or lost
  6. Identification tags—make sure there is a cell phone number on the tags in the event your pet gets lost
  7. Medication—bring any prescription or non-prescription medication your pet is taking
  8. Pet First Aid Kit—ask your veterinarian what to include for your particular pet. Good things to include are benadryl (diphenhydramine), triple antibiotic ointment, general antiseptic (nolvasan or betadine), bandage material (sterile gauze and a wrapping material), tweezers (for tick removal from pets or people if needed!), emergency veterinary contact information
  9. Pet bed or something comfy to sleep on
  10. Dog life jacket (if you are taking any aquatic excursions)

Tomorrow look for six summer travel tips from Dr. Spector!

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  • Julie Martin

    I would recommend these dog poop scoop bags from Dickybag. Great idea, comes with bags and seals in the smell, great for when your taking your dog on rural walks in the woods where there are no bins around!