Paying it Forward with Coupons

727862.thbI just returned from a trip to our local pet supply store to buy some food for our dogs. (Right now our girls are on the Wellness Healthy Weight food…getting ready for swimsuit season, you know…) The nicest woman in front of me, also buying the same brand, looked back and saw I had a jumbo sack and asked me if it was the 26-pound sack. It was. Saying she couldn’t use this because she always bought the smaller sacks, she handed me a $5 coupon!

From there, I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things for the weekend including some cat litter. While I was in the cat section, I noticed some kind shopper had slipped a couple of random coupons underneath a sack of cat food and some cat treats. It wasn’t a store effort, just a simple act of kindness.

Which got me thinking: I cut out coupons from the paper every Sunday anyway…why not cut out the ones I don’t need but someone else could use? We’ve written before about helping shelters with your coupons by using coupons to buy bargain goods for your local shelter. But another good way to help fellow pet lovers–without spending a dime yourself–is to pass along those unused coupons. Just the simple act of cutting out a coupon and tucking it under a pet product can both boost someone’s budget and bring some joy to a pet.

In these tough economic times, we pet lovers have to stick together!

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