Asking Pet Supply Stores for Free Samples

bull-terrierAs the saying goes, “You are what you eat”…and that includes dogs. Feeding your dog the best food you can buy isn’t just a treat for your dog, but it’s also a good investment in his health.

Premium dog foods cost more but the quality you’re getting can really tilt the financial scales. Because the food is of higher quality, you don’t have to feed your dog as much food at the same meal so the cost can be closer to mass-market kibble than you might think.

Before you pick up that 20-pound sack of premium dog food, though, ask if the store has free samples. Many of the premium dog food manufacturers provide samples to pet supply stores, free for the asking. Find out which food your dog likes best before you invest in that big sack. Dog shows and expos are another good source for free samples and sometimes you’ll find free offers on the manufacturer’s website, too. (And it never hurts to ask!)

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