Shopping for Dog Supplies at Membership Clubs

bull-terrierLooking for ways to save on dog products, from food to supplies? Membership clubs (like Sam’s Warehouse and Costco) are a good fit for some shoppers but not for all. You’ll need to weigh the annual cost of your membership against your anticipated savings. Generally you won’t find premium dog foods at membership clubs, and you may not always find the same dog foods in stock.

First, take advantage of a trial visit to check out the food selection. If you cook your dog’s food, you’ll have many more options at a membership club—but you’ll usually need to buy in large quantities. Decide if you have storage space and if you’ll be able to use or freeze your purchases before they go bad.

Finally, check on store locations since there aren’t nearly as many membership clubs as grocery stores. We don’t have a membership club card because it’s about a 45-minute drive to our nearest one so we’d burn up much of that savings in gas!

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