Ask Dr. Diane: Adopting Two Dogs from One Litter

Dear Dr. Diane,

I would like to adopt two puppies from the same litter if available at the shelter but my husband doesn’t think that’s a good idea. What do you think?

I think that it is a wonderful, humane and compassionate act to adopt two puppies from the same litter. My husband and I have done this on several occasions and the biological and emotional bonds between the animals have proven to be remarkable.

You are among the generous and kind-hearted people that would be adopting the two family members together. I think you and your husband would find this to be a very gratifying experience both for you and the puppies that are siblings and may well be lifelong best friends.


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  • For what its worth, my last herd of collies, I adopted a pair of littermates from the collie rescue. I had gone initially to get one dog, and did, but there was a pair who had been together since birth and were then seven years old. i was afraid they would be separated so i went back and got them two weeks later. They were amazingly devoted to one another and communicated in their own language, played their own games and looked after each other. I was worried what would happen when one died and over time came to hope when that time came, that the female would go first because she was so dependent on her brother. Unfortunately he died first and it was devastating for her as i knew it would be. And whether you believe in their spirits hanging around or the information obtained from pet psychics…..he stayed here with her. He was still with her and she still talked to him every night. She lasted about four months and it finally came to the point that i knew i had to let her go to him. Now i have a mother/son combo. I am not sure that they know that relationship, but they interact much the same as my last two.
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