Keeping Your Dog Fit and Trim

19032468.thbAs with humans, obesity in pets is an increasing problem. October—National Pet Wellness Month—is the perfect time to kick start a new routine that will keep your pet happy, healthy, and fit. Today we have a guest post from pet care/health expert Michael Landa, the CEO of Nulo, Inc., an all-natural pet food company with a full menu of nutritionally-supercharged dog and cat kibble, canned and treat products.

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Fit

  1. Start them out right. Puppies that are overweight while growing have a greater risk of becoming overweight as adult dogs.
  2. Select Foods with high amounts of animal-based proteins. Avoid cheap and indigestible proteins. Stay clear of foods using meat byproducts.
  3. Avoid foods containing corn, corn gluten meal, wheat, wheat gluten meal or soy protein –These foods are very high in carbohydrates – which are quickly stored as fat. Dogs are not ‘corn-ivores!’
  4. Stay away from low calorie/low fat foods. ‘Diet’ foods may be great marketing, but the protein-to-fat imbalances and high carbohydrate levels often cause the reverse effect over time.
  5. Treats should be given very sparingly. One medium sized Milk Bone to a 40-pound dog is the equivalent of a large Snickers Bar to us!
  6. Do not give table scraps or people food. You may be feeding them way more calories than you realize.
  7. Long daily walks can help combat excess weight; they’re good for you as the parent and they can increase the bond you have with your dog.
  8. Regularly monitor your dog’s weight. Three extra pounds on a 15-pound Jack Russell is the equivalent of an average woman gaining 30 pounds. Ouch!
  9. Involve everyone in the household in good nutrition and fitness habits. Everyone must agree that managing a pet’s weight is essential for its life and long term health. Young children, in particular, must learn to respect and follow the guidelines to ensure success.
  10. Recognize any contributing factors or diseases. If your dog has a sudden increase in appetite or weight, have him examined by your veterinarian for possible medical cause.

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