Keeping Your Dog Healthy & Safe at Thanksgiving


Before our American readers head off to begin their Thanksgiving travels or, as in our case, their Thanksgiving meal preparations, we wanted to pass along some links to previous articles here on DogTipper about keeping your dog safe during this holiday.

Thanksgiving is a fun family time filled with lots of food–including foods that Fido needs to stay away from including anything with onions, raisins, grapes, chocolate, and more. Those turkey bones represent a real health hazard–as does that netting that some turkeys come wrapped in. Keep the trash out of reach! Read our “Keeping Your Dog Safe at Thanksgiving” article for more tips.

Pancreatitis is a real danger for dogs at Thanksgiving, a problem that fills the waiting rooms of emergency vet offices on this holiday. Caused by eating too much fatty food, this serious illness can be avoided by never giving your dog the fats from the meal: turkey skin and gravies are major culprits! Check out our “Avoiding Pancreatitis at Thanksgiving” post for more (including symptoms).

A few moments of preparation can make sure your holiday is safe for all members of your family–including the four-legged members!

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